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Prayer Partners....


      For our family, God alone has been the source of strength during these challenging times we have had with seizures and Epilepsy. Through prayer, God has guided us (and continues to do so today) in this long journey.

     One of the special services we offer here at SeizureSupport.com is our Prayer Partner Service.

We Will Pray For You.

     We have a team of individuals whose sole purpose at SeizureSupport.com is to pray for you and or your loved one. We welcome any prayer requests you may have and all requests are kept in strict confidence. Please e-mail us your A-S-K below.

     If you would like for us to pray with you, please simply let us know that you would like to be contacted. Our prayer team will schedule a special time where we can all pray together, on the phone, with you.

Submit Your Prayer Request To: Prayer @ Seizuresupport.com  (no spaces) Please add the email subject "Prayer Request."





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