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Our Mission Is...

   1. To serve God, by serving others (as well as their network of family, friends, caregivers, and educators) who have been diagnosed with seizures and Epilepsy.

2. To remain a part of the forefront of the advancement of seizure and Epilepsy research, education, and support.

3. To communicate to as many as possible that Epilepsy and Seizure disorders are conditions we can no longer hide in the hush hush old fashioned mentality. We must talk about it to cure it. Millions of people, many of them children, are faced with seizures and Epilepsy. We must spread the word that these conditions do not discriminate, they can be experienced by anyone at anytime and many times the reasons for the onset are unknown.

Since Joshua began having seizures, the Duce family has been lead to become proactive in helping to educate and support others who have been diagnosed with Epilepsy. Seizures do not just affect the one who has been diagnosed; it affects one’s entire network of family and friends as well. We recognize the importance of seizure and Epilepsy education and support and we strive to provide others with what we so desperately sought after our son Joshua began having seizures.



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