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Field Trips....



    When our son Joshua first began having seizures, we truly felt like we were the only family in town that had a child with seizures. Quite honestly, we were still trying to figure out what this whole seizure & Epilepsy thing was really was all about!

     Our family was so desperate to meet other children and families whose lives had been touched by seizures and Epilepsy. We wanted to be able to talk with other parents who were faced with some of the same challenges we were (are). Most importantly we wanted our son to know that he was not alone and that many other people, just like him, have seizures too. So we came up with our. . .

"Field Trips"

    From time to time we have special outings or "Field Trips" as we like to refer to them where a group of us parents, young adults, kids, siblings etc. will get together and just go out and do something fun.

     We believe networking and support is just as important for our children as it is for us parents, family members and friends. The Field Trips are a wonderful opportunity to meet some new friends, network and have a blast doing it!

We have all sorts of different trips throughout the year.




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